Welcome to Elkins Hemp Company

Welcome to Elkins Hemp Company

Welcome to Elkins Hemp CompanyWelcome to Elkins Hemp CompanyWelcome to Elkins Hemp Company

Big Country Hemp Farming
Proud Member of TexasIHC

About Us

Out in the Country

Our farm began the process of planning for hemp following the 2018 farm bill. We are shifting all focus towards hemp for the 2020 season and thenceforward, aside from cattle located on a separate property. 

Research, Development & Educational Resourcing

Our main mission is to help farmers shift into cannabis with ease. We want to eliminate farmers from being taken advantage of and we want to collaborate with others in Texas to create a greater force. We also run a blog to help spread information. We are a proud member of the Texas Industrial Hemp Coalition. 

Our Promise to You

We want farmers, especially Big Country Texas farmers, to feel confident in their knowledge and plans. We want to push everyone to help America become a great competitor in the worldwide hemp market. 

Hemp Information and Key Factors

Variety and Source Selection

  • Once a variety is bred, it is common to see similarly named varieties that do not come from the same genetics.
  • Varieties will act differently by location. Example: Seeds COAs from a Tropical Climate may come out different in a desert climate.
  • Buying seeds from well established suppliers  with positive reputation is the best way to ensure against hot testing. 

Market Variations

  • At the time of the 2018 farm bill, prices were extremely high. This has seen a drastic change, with many folks sitting on their crop. 
  • A big reason for this is because of the lack of infrastructure for productions.  
  • America has a big chance of success due to the agricultural force and variety of climates the force exists in. 


Other Topics

  • Cannabinoid Extraction
  • Endocannabinoid System Information
  • The Many Uses of Hemp 
  • Hydroponics and Aquaculture 
  • Industrial and Commercial use 
  • Bio-controls, Pest-controls 
  • Equipment use 
  • Licensing, Laws, Insurance, Liabilities

& many more!

Contact Us

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Elkins Hemp Company

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